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5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Following

Updated: May 26, 2020

1. Content / Consistency is key

If you want to boost your Instagram following the first thing you need to consider is the content you’re posting. The most successful Instagram accounts tend to have a theme whether it’s fashion, beauty, fitness or parenting – there tends to be some consistency throughout their posts. One great example would be Mrs Hinch. She had a passion for cleaning so shared this through her Instagram posts/stories and is now a well-known household name. An Instagram account will always be more successful if the person behind it is passionate about what they’re sharing so this is always the first thing to consider when getting started and trying to build a loyal following.

You also need to be consistent with your posts – if you want to build a following, post as often as you can. Once a day is enough but if you have the content to do 2 or 3 posts a day, go for it – especially in the beginning. You obviously don’t want to bombard people with a post every hour of the day but the more you can post to begin with the more likely your account will be seen or shared. If you post once every 2 weeks, your followers will be more likely to unfollow as they aren’t getting the content from you that they’d hoped for when they hit the follow button.

2. Engage with your audience

Once you’ve built an audience of some sort be it 10, 20 or 20,000 followers – you want to do all you can to keep them. Instagram can be a fairly fickle place and often people can hit unfollow just as quick as they’re followed if you aren’t providing them with a sense of appreciation for their support. First and foremost, you need to reply to comments and questions from your followers. If someone asks you a question and you ignore it, it’s going to look like you don’t value them and they may unfollow. If you’re known as someone who always takes time to thank people for their comments and be helpful in answering questions, they’re much more likely to stick around and recommend following you to their friends too!

3. Make use of stories & IGTV

Another great way of engaging with your audience and providing them with value so they stick around is through stories and IGTV. Stories will allow your followers to see a glimpse into your everyday life and the ‘real’ you, the behind the scenes version of your well thought out and curated Instagram feed. You can also use stories to ask your followers for their opinion using the poll feature so you know exactly what it is they like to see from you. It’s always good to know what kind of content your followers enjoy the most as that’s the content that’s likely to get the most engagement and therefore boost your following. The question feature is also really useful as you can allow your audience to ask you anything which again allows them to get to know you better.

4. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag!

If you’re an avid social media user, I’m sure you’ve seen hashtags all over place and whilst they can sometimes be a little annoying, there’s a reason they’re used so heavily. They’re possibly the best tool you can use to grow your Instagram following so if you aren’t already including them in your posts, now is the time to start! Until you’ve built a substantial following and are getting strong engagement on your posts, it’s best to start with the smaller more niche hashtags as the chances of your post being seen on these tags is greater than if you were to use a hashtag that millions of other people already have. The best way to find hashtags to use is to simply type a key word related to your content into the Instagram search bar, see what comes up and how many people have used that tag. For example, if you’re a fashion account, you could type in #fashion #outfit or #style and then see which tags come up – as mentioned earlier, it’s best to go for the ones with lower numbers (the number of times the tag has been used will be displayed underneath it). There’s also plenty of websites you can use to generate hashtags for your posts – just play around with lots of different combinations until you find the ones that work best. Don’t forget – 30 hashtags maximum!


One of the quickest ways to boost your following is to get reposted by brands or fellow Instagram accounts. Circling back to tip one – the stronger your content is, the more likely you’ll be reposted. To improve your chances, make sure you’re always tagging the brands featured in both the caption and on the image itself as well as using any relevant hashtags. Lots of brands have their own hashtags (Fashion Nova for example uses the tag #NovaBabe) so make sure you’re using these tags to increase your chances of being seen by the brands social media manager.

Another great way to boost your following via reposts is to do a weekly round-up of the accounts you’ve been loving on your Instagram story. They may then repost this to their own story or mention you in one of their weekly round ups in return. It’s obviously important not to do this with the sole purpose of gaining followers – only share the accounts you genuinely love with no expectation of anything in return. If they do return the love it’s a win win!

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